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Our treatment

Successful acne therapy depends both on choosing the appropriate combination of topical medication, and a commitment from the client to stick to the prescribed regiment. Here at Pacific Acne Clinic, we offer a range of acne treatments which these treatments are comprised of:

  • Purifying Cleanser
  • Anti-bacteria Cream
  • Celixom System

  • When used in combination, this system dramatically reduces acne and its scaring effects by completely removing the dead cells and assisting in the rejuvenation of healthy new cells. This system will not interfere with your daily activities, generates virtually no side-effects and is a complete cleansing system. We at Pacific Acne Clinic believe procedures performed in the office accelerate the response to treatment and enhance rapid visible improvement.

    How effective is the treatment?

    Improvements are noticeable in as little as one week. In fact, after trying and failing with other treatment programs, many users come to Pacific Acne Clinic.